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our process

The Focus is You

Your organization is unique, with unique strengths and challenges. Your needs govern our process. Our expertise becomes the means to achieve your goals and to turn your challenges into opportunities.

We begin by learning as much as we can about your organization and your team. Then we work with you and your staff to analyze, advise, and create options for enhanced performance.

By tailoring our methods to the specific needs of our clients we have successfully served some of the finest institution throughout the nation and the world.

The Key is Trust

At RPA Inc. our word is our bond. Our committment is to assist you with complete forthrightness and confidentiality. We are so dedicated to serving you in the most ethical manner, that we publish our Statement of Principles.

The Goal is Service

We want not only to meet, but also to exceed, your expectations. To achieve our goal of providing the best consulting services available, we provide:

Experienced Staff

Our experienced staff is committed to excellence and service. This is reflected in our exceptional relationships with our clients and candidates. Our clients report that our level of availability and responsiveness is extraordinary. Our consultants are located in central sites throughout the nation, providing in-depth understanding of the cultural differences geography makes, and quick response when you need to meet with us.

Written Proposals

We always provide a written proposal so you know what services we will provide and how we will go about achieving your goals. Proposals detail the scope of the assignment, staffing, procedures, schedule, budget, and objectives of the project.

Firm Scheduling

At the start of any project we provide you with a written schedule. You always know what should be happening at any given time, and we report to you regularly and often, so you know we are on schedule. You can change the schedule, but we won't change it without your approval.

Inclusive Fee Structure

Our fees are based upon the nature of the project and your needs, and include all consulting time, office support, and associated costs. You have an opportunity to review and approve any expenses not included in the flat fee.

Corporate Aircraft

Our corporate aircraft allows us to control our travel schedules. We are not limited by commercial airline schedules or destinations. For the price of a standard airline ticket, our consultants are able to fly to any location anytime they are needed.

For further information we invite you to call 800-992-9277 or email us for a confidential discussion.

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