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RPA Inc. affords to its employees and to all candidates equal opportunity and nondiscrimination regardless of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, creed, ancestry, familial or marital status, physical characteristic, affectional preference, disability, veteran's status, genetic predisposition or carrier status, or other status as protected by law. RPA Inc. makes no effort to identify or classify candidates by any of the factors detailed herein, and will only collect such information if and as required by law or regulation. RPA Inc. purposefully exposes all open positions to the broadest and most diverse professional communities and specifically requests participation from all protected groups.


RPA Inc. makes a conscious commitment to assure inclusion and diversity in all search projects. To address full access to opportunities, RPA Inc. includes language in all advertisements encouraging participation by ethnic and cultural minority members and members of protected groups such as women and physically challenged individuals. Direct contact on behalf of client institutions includes ground mail, telephone calls, and email directed to individuals in minority and protected groups. That the RPA Inc. inclusion strategy is successful is reflected in candidate pools, which are composed of 17% to 76% members of ethnic or cultural minorities or members of protected groups, with the variance in range dependent on the specific desirability of the position. Women comprise 53% of the average candidate pool. In the past two years, 17% of placements have been members of cultural or ethnic minorities, and 45% women.


To assist client institutions in meeting regulatory requirements, RPA Inc. creates, for each search, a survey that will allow candidates to voluntarily and anonymously provide information on gender, ethnicity and other characteristics. At the end of the search this data is aggregated and reported to the client as percentages describing the makeup of the candidate pool. No individually identifiable information is gathered.


RPA Inc. has entered into an exclusive partnership with Potomac Publishing, Inc., publisher of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine. INSIGHT Into Diversity is the largest and oldest diversity employment magazine and website in higher education today. Launched 38 years ago as a resource to assist institutions in complying with equal opportunity employment laws, INSIGHT Into Diversity is now a premier source of information for nearly 400,000 print readers and over 125,000 online job seekers each month seeking in-depth news, reports, and commentary on issues surrounding all aspects of diversity and inclusion. Highly regarded for its extensive and high-level professional career opportunity listings in print and online, INSIGHT Into Diversity continues to successfully connect employers to the most highly qualified individuals, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, veteran status, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation.

Potomac Publishing, Inc. is a WOSB (woman owned small business), successfully meeting the standards to be certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Potomac Publishing, Inc. is also an approved Human Resources Services Contractor with the United States General Services Administration.

Techniques for Recruiting Minority and Women Candidates

Our values-driven policy provides that all searches are announced to individuals at HBCU's, Hispanic serving institutions, tribal colleges, First Nation and Asian Pacific American-focused organizations, and women's organizations. The announcement is done through personal letter or email as well as a follow-up phone call with appropriate individuals, depending on the position.

Results: Our candidate pools are from 17% to 76% ethnic minority, depending on the desirability of the position, and average 53% women.

We represent our beliefs in our own hiring practices, with women and minority individuals acting as senior consultants at the highest levels.

For further information we invite you to call 800-992-9277 or email us for a confidential discussion.

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